Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Get Major Radio AirPlay! Hit us up for packages

Get Guaranteed RADIO AIRPLAY

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How do we help you get airplay?
  • We are selective with the songs we choose to run a campaign on. We Reject songs we don’t feel we can promote
  • We have the relationships in place via our partners and affiliates and have promoted 100’s of singles
  • We choose the right stations and markets that are more likely to play your song and stations that are open to playing tracks from new artist, songs with and without a major artist featured on it, and based on the song past airplay story.
  • We target the right markets based on your budget to maximize your airplay spins on more stations.
How can it help artists and bands? 
The global airplay data that DRT collects is very useful to artists and bands as they can use the information to book shows and tours, set-up interviews, sell merchandise or promote their songs to other radio stations in their efforts to secure more airplay. Artists and bands can also use the airplay information to assist in collecting royalties on their music. They can use the data to develop promotion strategies and discover which markets to further promote their brand.
For FM Commercial radio campaigns, we submit your music to the Program Directors and they let us know if they will play the record BEFORE we start the campaign. This is how we Guarantee play. We get the commitment  up front and send that to you for approval. We need to know your budget before we submit your track to the proper stations, in the proper markets. Songs with NO previous FM Airplay would have to build some spins in smaller markets before the larger stations will pick it up.
For Digital Radio Campaigns: We have a plug in play system with 100’s of stations of all genres. We can secure your airplay right away with these stations. All stations are reporting stations. These stations broadcast on various networks such as, Pandora,, and other networks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your music is not radio edited or of good quality, we will refuse to promote your record. If you paid up front for a digital radio campaign and submit a poor quality song, we will refund your money. 
You will receive weekly tracking reports (BDS / Mediabase or DigitalRadioTracker (DRT) Report)either on Mondays or Tuesdays depending on the type of campaign selected. These reports will include the stations that added your music to rotation, the number of spins you received for the week, total spin count per station and much more!

Hit us up for available packages and rates we look foward to working with you!

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