Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sale on Spotify Promotional packages

Ordering plays just takes a few minutes then you can just sit back and Mega Muzik Marketing takes care of the rest. Through our large list of partners sites and playlist curators we are able to curate a large number of plays in a reasonable timetable. All unique visitors will be sent to your song and all plays are 100% real and eligible for royalties.

                                                                Silver Package
                                    7 to 10k real targeted plays

                                              Gold Package
                                 40 to 50k real targeted plays

                                           Platinum Package
                                180 to 200k real targeted plays

Just leave your Spotify profile name and what package you want in the contact box in the right sidebar. Once we receive your message we will send you a invoice once payment is completed plays will start within 24 hours. Depending  on which package you pick you will receive all of your plays from 10 to 30 days after payment. 

* We are in no way connected to Spotify nor do we work for Spotify. All our curation is done through our own network.

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